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Trustee Property



Properties owned in trust by the Jefferson County Delinquent Tax Trustee may be purchased from the County Trustee at anytime throughout the year. 


If the amount bid is equal to or more than the amount of taxes owed plus fees and costs, the Trustee can finalize the sale and issue a Trustee’s Deed.


If the amount bid is less than the amount of taxes owed plus fees and costs, the Trustee may reject the offer or take the bid to the County Council for approval.  The bidding process will then open to surrounding landowners for additional bids.


The County makes no guarantee of clear title. Properties are deeded by Trustee’s Deed. If you are unsure of what this means, we recommend that you seek legal advice from an attorney. The Tax Trustee cannot provide you with legal advice.


The amount of taxes owed is listed for each property owned by the Trustee. There are additional fees, not included in these prices. You should contact the Trustee for the total amount due.  The best way is by email. Then you may fill out an application with your bid amount and information and email to the Trustee – Sharon A. Kost –    




    Trustee Bid Form

Trustee Property List 




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