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Est. 1818
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Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

This web site is designed to provide information about the role and responsibilities of the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney's Office and to answer many of the questions you might have about its programs, policies and the assistance that is provided to the community.

The Office of the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney employs fifteen Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys and has a support staff of thirty employees. We prosecute only those crimes that violate State law, not local ordinances. We exercise exclusive jurisdiction over all felony crimes committed in Jefferson County and those misdemeanor offenses which occur in the unincorporated areas of the county. Each city or town in this County has its own municipal court to prosecute violations of their local ordinances. In addition, Jefferson County has a municipal court to prosecute County violations and violations of County ordinances. The types of crime prosecuted by this office include but are not limited to; alcohol related offenses, traffic offenses, domestic violence, drug offenses, forgery and fraud, burglary and stealing, white collar crime, criminal non-support, arson, child physical and sexual abuse, sexual assault, and homicides.

The Prosecuting Attorney's Office is comprised of four separate and distinct units. These units are the: Main Criminal Division; Victim Services Unit; Bad Check/Delinquent Tax Unit; and Child Support Unit each profiled on their own web page.

The Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney's Office strives to uphold the laws of the State of Missouri with integrity, while maintaining the utmost fairness to the citizens it is sworn to protect.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our office via the Internet. I encourage you to spend some time going through the pages of our web site. It will help guide you to a better understanding of the the Jefferson County Prosecutor's Office and how we serve our community.


Trisha Stefanski
Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney