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Jefferson County,
Est. 1818
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Public Works Permits

Driveway Permit

Any person wanting to construct a private or commercial driveway on Jefferson County right of way must have a permit. The permit fee is $100.00 and is refundable upon satisfactory completion.

Utility Permit

Any person wanting to install a utility pipe or wire across or under a County road must have a permit.  The cost of the permit is $3.00.  A $5,000 performance bond is required.

Special Road Use Permit

Any person wanting to make use of the County road right of way must have a permit. There is no charge for a permit, but the applicant is required to provide a certificate of insurance when working on County right of way.

Adopt-A-Road Permit

Any person or organization wanting to adopt a section of a County owned highway must fill out an Adopt-A-Road permit application. There is no charge for the permit application.   Vests and trash bags are provided by the County.

Land Disturbance Permit Application Form

Any person or organization engaged in a land disturbance activity of one (1) acre or greater must first obtain a land disturbance permit as described in Section 505.190 of the Code of Ordinances of Jefferson County. The property owner, or an authorized representative, must submit a complete application, in writing, upon forms furnished by the County. The application shall be in accordance with the permit submission requirements delineated in Section 505.200 of the Code of Ordinances of Jefferson County.