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Jefferson County,
Est. 1818
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   Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  Does the County clean out ditches?

You can request the County to clean out a ditch along a County maintained road by calling the main office and turning in a service request. It will be written up and sent to the District Maintenance Supervisor to schedule the work. Ditch cleaning will be scheduled when crews are in the area performing other similar work. It is not unusual for the work to take several months or more to schedule.

 2.  Does the County trim or cut down trees?

The County will trim back or cut down trees, on County right of way, that pose a threat to safe driving conditions.  Work may be requested by calling the Public Works Department.   A service request will be written and sent to the district maintenance supervisor to schedule the work.

 3.  Will the County pick up a dead animal in a roadway? 

Yes, we only deal with traffic hazards in the roadway.

 4.  Does the County cleanout private drive culverts? 

No, this is the responsibility of the property owner. The County only maintains the culverts that run under a County road.  

5.  Does the County maintain my subdivision streets? 

Refer to list of roads maintained by the County by clicking on Highway and then, clicking on Roads Maintained by Public

6.  Will the County put up a street sign on my private road?

The County may only place street signs on roads maintained by the County.

7.  Does the County do snow removal on private roads? 

The County does not remove snow on private roads.  We only remove snow on the roads maintained by the County.