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Est. 1818
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Jefferson County Online Service Center

Welcome to the Jefferson County Online Service Center.

Jefferson County Administrative Offices have set up this service center to provide the Citizens of Jefferson County another way to communicate their requests for service.

We are starting with those service requests that pertain to the Jefferson County highways. Remember, only those roads that have a name or it has the word OLD in front of it, are Jefferson County Roads. 141, BB, TT, A, are all State roads. The county cannot do any work related to the State roads.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will the County pick up dead animals off the road?
    RESPONSE: No, unless it is causing a traffic hazard.

  2. Does the County clean out private drive culverts?
    RESPONSE: No, this is the responsibility of the property owner. The County will maintain the culvert that runs under the county road.

  3. Does the County install street signs on my private road?
    RESPONSE: Yes, under certain terms. Please refer to Subdivision Street Maintenance Acceptance Policy.

  4. Does the County maintain Sub Division Streets?
    RESPONSE: Yes, under certain terms. Please refer to Policy TBD.

  5. Does the County do snow removal on private roads?

I hope that all of our Jefferson County citizens find this new web feature beneficial.

We will be adding more departments in the near future.

Please login to the following Online Service Center to submit or review your complaints/request for service.

Thank you

Online Service Center