How do I register to bid on tax sale properties?

If you are a Missouri resident, at least 18 years of age, and you provide the Collector with an affidavit attesting that you owe no delinquent property taxes (Real & Personal), then you are eligible to bid. If you want to bid at the tax sale, you should obtain a bidder’s affidavit from our office. You will need to sign, and have it notarized before turning in to the Collector for a bid # for the auction. You will need your Missouri identification to apply for your bid number. Affidavits are available for pickup and drop off starting on the Monday before the sale. Completing the affidavit before the day of the sale will insure you do not miss the start of the auction. If you are a business, you must be registered in Missouri and bring a certificate of Good Standing and Articles of Organization or Corporation info to obtain a bid #.

If you are out of state – you must appoint a Missouri resident to act as your agent.

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