What's the difference between the County Clerk and Circuit Clerk?

County Clerk

The County Clerk is the administrative office to the County Council. Duties include:

  • Serving as Secretary to the Board of Equalization
  • Recording Secretary to the County Council
  • Issuing liquor licenses for picnics and caterers
  • Issuing solid waste hauler licenses
  • Issuing Notary Public licenses
  • All function of accounts payable

The County Clerk is also the Director of Elections

Circuit Clerk

The Circuit Clerk is the administrative officer to the 23rd Judicial Circuit Court, located in the Jefferson County Courthouse. The Circuit Clerk is responsible for all jury duty, child support issues and state issued traffic tickets (State Trooper). All questions regarding court or legal issues should be directed to the Office of the Circuit Clerk.

  • Contact the Circuit Clerk at 636-797-5443.
  • The Prosecuting Attorney’s office may be contacted by calling 636-797-5321.
  • The Office of the Public Defender may be contacted by calling 636-797-5641.

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