Do I have to get my absentee ballot notarized? Must a notary watch me vote my ballot?

Any voter who will be out of town, away at college or absent on election day must have his ballot envelope notarized. A notary will not watch a voter color-in the circles on his/her ballot. A notary will only ’witness’ the voter’s signature. Any envelope that is required to be notarized, but is not notarized, will not be opened and, in accordance with Missouri law, will not be counted. Any voter who has requested and received an absentee ballot for health reasons is not required to have the ballot envelope notarized.

Note: Regardless of the notary requirement, all ballot envelopes must contain the signature of the voter. Failure to include the signature on the envelope will result in the ballot inside the envelope not being counted.

A voter should never sign his/her name on the ballot itself or allow anyone else to write on the ballot.

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