What if I have lost my Deed?

The primary evidence of ownership of land is not so much as to the deed itself as to the recording of the deed. Once recorded, the deed is returned to the new owner who usually deposits it in a safe place with his or her important papers. However, if misplaced or lost, a copy may be obtained from the Recorder’s Office and certified with the Recorder’s signature and official stamp or seal. This will suffice for the original deed.  There are a number of ways to obtain a copy:

1). Stop by in person.  Copy costs are determined by the number of pages in the document ($2 for the first page plus $1 for each additional page).  An additional charge of $1 to certify the document (all fees are set by Missouri State Statute).
2). Call  636-797-5414 with your credit/debit card.  Copy costs are the same as in Option 1 but there is also a convenience fee of $1 (charged by the credit card processing company) and postage fees apply.   

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