What is the Recorder's Office?

The Recorder of Deeds Office is a depository for documents having to do with land transfer and ownership, including ownership deeds,  Deeds of Trust (mortgages) and other encumbrances.  The Recorder of Deeds also issues marriage licenses.  The Recorder of Deeds retains Service Personnel records (DD214) that have been brought in person by Service Personnel.   All functions, services and fees of the Recorder of Deeds office is governed by Missouri State Statues.

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1. What is the Recorder's Office?
2. How Do I Get a Copy of My Marriage License?
3. How Do I Apply for a Marriage License?
4. What are the most common Deeds?
5. What is a Deed of Trust?
6. Will the Recorder of Deeds Office Prepare My Documents?
7. Will the Recorder of Deeds Office Notarize My Documents?
8. What if I have lost my Deed?
9. Which Blank Forms May I Obtain From the Recorders Office?
10. Can I Search Jefferson County Records Online?
11. Does the Recorder of Deeds File Reports with Credit Bureaus?
12. What are the Steps in the Recording Process?
13. Can I make my own Deed(s)?
14. How do I find the deed to my property?
15. What Do I Bring To The Recorder to Show I am Ordained?
16. Can I Record Documents in Jefferson County for Property Located in Other Counties?
17. What fees are charged regarding the documents and services provided by the Recorder of Deeds office?