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Est. 1818
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  Official Election Results 2010 to 2019


Unofficial election night results will appear on the County Clerk's homepage.


The Jefferson County Clerk's Office will continue to add Historical election results

as time and staff permits.  As always, the public is welcome to stop by our office to obtain

any past results, including those results on a precinct by precinct basis.


2019-August Special Election by Precinct 

2019- August Special Election Summary

2019-April General Municipal Election Summary

2019-April General Municipal Election by Precinct

2018-November General Election Alternative Summary

2018-November General Election Summary

2018-November General Election by Precinct

2018-August Primary Election Alternative Summary

2018-August Primary Election Summary 

2018-August Primary Election by Precinct

2018-April General Municipal Election Summary

2018-April General Municipal by Precinct 

2018-February Special Election Summary

2018-February Special Election by Precinct 

2017-November Special Election Summary

2017-November Special Election by Precinct 

2017-April General Municipal Election Summary

2017-April General Municipal Election by Precinct 

2016-November General Election Summary 

2016-November General Election by Precinct 

2016-August Primary Election Summary

2016-August Primary Election by Precinct 

2016-April General Municipal Election Summary 

2016-April General Municipal Election by Precinct 

2016-March Presidential Preference Primary Summary

2016-March Presidential Preference Primary by Precinct

2015-November Special Election Summary       

2015-November Special Election by Precinct        

2015-April General Municipal Election Summary        

2015-April General Municipal Election by Precinct     

2014-November General Election Summary

2014-November General Election by Precinct

2014-August Primary Election Summary

2014-August Primary Election by Precinct

2014-April General Municipal Election Summary

2014-April General Municipal Election by Precinct 

2013-November Special Election Summary 

2013-November Special Election by Precinct

2013-August Special Election Summary

2013-August Special Election by Precinct

2013-June Special Election Summary

2013-June Special Election by Precinct 

2013-April General Municipal Election Summary

2013-April General Municipal Election by Precinct

2012-November General Election Summary

2012-November General Election by Precinct

2012-August Primary Election Summary

2012-August Primary Election by Precinct

2012-April General Municipal Election Summary

2012-April General Municipal Election by Precinct   

2012-February Presidential Preference Primary Election Summary 

2012-February Presidential Preference Primary Election by Precinct

2011-April General Municipal Election Summary

2011-April General Municipal Election by Precinct

2010-November General Election Summary

2010-November General Election by Precinct  

2010-August Primary Election Summary 

2010-August Primary Election by Precinct 

2010-April General Municipal Election Summary

2010-April General Municipal Election by Precinct