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Jefferson County,
Est. 1818
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Jefferson County, Missouri, Council


The Council normally meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month (unless Monday is a holiday).


All legislative powers of Jefferson County are vested in the body whose official name is the "Jefferson County, Missouri, Council."  Beginning January 1, 2011, the County Council consists of seven (7) members elected from seven (7) County Council districts created by the Home Rule Charter of Jefferson County, Missouri adopted on November 4, 2008.  The seven (7) members of your Jefferson County, Missouri, Council are:



Council District 1 - Don Bickowski, Council Chair



Council District 2 - Renee Reuter                              



Council District 3 - Phil Hendrickson



Council District 4 - Charles Groeteke, Vice-Chair                                



Council District 5 - Daniel Darian                                



Council District 6 - Dan Stallman  



Council District 7 - Jim Terry   





The Jefferson County, Missouri, Council is committed to the continued economic vitality of our County while maintaining the highest quality of life for our residents. This will be accomplished through proper planning, continuous improvements to our infrastructure and strong fiscal management. As servants of the people, each and every employee of Jefferson County is charged with making the needs of our citizens the top priority in the decision-making process.


Government is a service industry and we intend to satisfy you, our "customers." 



Contacting the County Council 

Mailing Address:      PO Box 100, Hillsboro, MO  63050



    Assistant:             Pat Schlette



Phone:                      636-797-5517


Fax:                           636-797-5542



Staff Office Hours:   8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday