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March 4, 2020


To all Contractors, Tradesmen and Homeowners,


The IVR automated inspection scheduling system is out of date and will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Without this support the system will be discontinued and shut down on March 9, 2020.


To schedule all inspections please call 636-797-5099 or email to between the hours of 7:30am and 3:30pm to receive an inspection for the next day. Any requests received after 3:30pm will be scheduled for the following day. 


Before scheduling an inspection please have the permit #, address and lot # and type of inspection required before you call. 


Call in your inspections as early as possible, do not wait until the end of day to schedule your inspections, with large call and email volumes we want to make sure no inspections are missed. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Jefferson County, Missouri, Code Enforcement Division at (636) 797-5310.



 What inspections are required?


Site Inspection – Inspection will be made after application for permit has been applied for. Building area shall be clear of debris, and boundaries of system components shall be staked out indicating exact locations of where construction will occur.


Footing - Foundation Inspection – Inspection is to be made after all excavations (or post holes) are complete and cleaned out. All loose, disturbed soil should be removed with only dry, undisturbed soil remaining. If any soil has been disturbed and re-compacted, a compaction test may be required. The only materials that may be placed in the excavation prior to inspection are concrete forms and reinforcing steel, if required. All forms and reinforcing steel must be completely in place prior to inspection.


Under-floor (or slab) inspection – To be made after all under-floor equipment, conduit, piping, accessories, or other equipment items are in place, but before any floor sheathing is installed or concrete is placed.


Framing and M.E.P. Rough-in Inspection – All framing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical or drain system, or portion thereof, may not be covered, concealed, or put into use until it has been tested, inspected, and approved for use. Inspections must be made before covering underground pipes or sheeting over system components within buildings.


Gypsum board (or Lath) Inspection – To be made after all gypsum board (or lath) is in place, but before any taping, joint compound, or plastering is applied.


Septic Inspection – Inspection is to be made after all excavations are complete and cleaned out. All loose, disturbed soil should be removed with only dry, undisturbed soil remaining. Septic system must be completely in place prior to inspection.


Final Inspection – To be made after finish grading and the building is completed and ready for occupancy. Other inspections – In addition to the inspections specified above, the building official may require other inspections of any construction work to ensure compliance with the provisions of the codes. It is the duty of the person doing the work to notify the building official that work is ready for inspection. Requests for inspections should be made at least one business day before the inspection is needed. Every reasonable effort will be made to perform inspections on shorter notice, but cannot be guaranteed. Please do not request inspections if the work to be inspected will not be complete. A reinspection fee may be assessed if another visit is necessary due to incomplete work.