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GIS Data and Maps


Contact:  636-797-5041 (p) or or 636-797-5470 (f)



The Assessor has established a policy to make office records as open and easy to obtain as possible.  


In-House Access 

The office staff is knowledgeable and can answer most inquiries over the phone or by email.  Two computers are available at the front counter for public access to records and GIS data including parcel lines, subdivision lot lines and text, roads, ownership data, taxing districts, floodplain, contours, and aerial photography. 


Online Access 

Property records are available online under Personal Property and Real Estate Search.  The Assessor's Online GIS Services offers a Property Viewer that allows searches by owner, parcel ID, property address, and by spatially zooming to specific area.  If you are looking for more specific information it may require a visit to the office.


Additional web applications can be found on the Assessor's home page including a Map Gallery for pdf maps.


For Purchase

The assessor's data files (tax rolls) are available for purchase in digital format.  Data can also be requested outside the scope of the Assessor's responsibilities or beyond a reasonable expectation.  The Assessor's office maintains a comprehensive GIS division whose duties are to maintain property maps, taxing entity boundaries, perform in-house analysis of data, and provide data on the website.  As a benefit to the taxpayers and businesses; the division can perform reproducible maps and custom work including analysis when time allows.  A fee may be charged to cover the cost of creating this data.


 What Type of Map Do You Need?

(Check these resources for printing FREE maps:  Map Gallery and Property Viewer


Plot Plan or Site Plan (Building Department/Code Enforcement Acceptable - GIS Parcel Map)

The definition of a plot (site) plan is a plan showing the property boundary lines, building setback lines and the location of a structure with distances to the property lines.  Other elements include the location of North, driveway and road location, utilities, private well/septic, etc.  The subtle difference between a plot plan and a site plan is that a plot plan is for a single residence or single building whereas a site plan encompasses a larger area; such as an industrial park, commercial development, or large subdivision.


The Assessor’s office does not have the authority to produce plot (site) plans that meet that definition. It is something a land surveyor or engineer creates.  However, the Jefferson County Code Enforcement division does accept the Assessor’s GIS Parcel Map with proposed locations drawn in by the owner.  The Code Enforcement division uses the term “Site Plan” for this type of map.  The Site Plan is usually 8.5x11 and can be printed from the Assessor’s Property Viewer free of charge or at the Assessor’s front counter for $5.00.



Plat Map or Subdivision Plat (Available from the Recorder of Deeds Department)
A plat map or subdivision plat is drawn by land surveyors and submitted to the Jefferson County planning division for approval.  Once approved the plat map is recorded with the Recorder of Deeds.  Plat maps or subdivision plats normally show subdivision boundaries, lots, lot numbers, building setback lines and easements.  These items are not always provided on the plats.  This is a true legal representation of the property.



Survey (Contracted through a Land Surveyor)
A survey is researched, performed by, and drawn by land surveyors.  A survey contains the legal description of a property including the bearings and distances (metes & bounds), and other items like building setbacks, easements, etc.  Surveys are recorded with the Recorder of Deeds at the individual’s discretion; surveys are not required to be recorded with Jefferson County.  A survey is a report of the results of a field survey performed by a licensed land surveyor, and can be used to prove the legal boundaries of a property.



To find the true location of property lines; a survey or plat map/subdivision plat is required.  All other maps are for taxing purposes only and cannot be used to locate property lines accurately.



 Types of Maps the Assessor Provides


Property Maps


GIS Parcel Map
Aerial background with property lines, parcel numbers, lot lines, and road names.  Requests are accepted for contour lines (2 or 10 foot) and various years of aerials.  Map sizes are 8.5x11, 24x24, and 36x36.


GIS Custom Map 

Custom maps include data that may or may not be available on the GIS Parcel Map that is requested in such a way that the standard GIS Parcel Map is not applicable.  Example:  highlight parcels within 1 mile of subject parcel or city boundary map showing properties that have 10 or more acres.



Countywide Maps


Taxing District Maps – School, Fire, Ambulance, Municipalities, Special Road Districts


Political District Maps – County Council, Voting Precinct, MO House of Representatives, MO State Senate, U.S. Congressional Districts, Political Townships


Road Map – Roads including major and minor with municipalities as reference

PLSS and Locator Maps – Assessor Locator Grid maps and Public Land Survey System (PLSS) maps showing location of township, range, surveys, and sections