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Jefferson County,
Est. 1818
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Contact:  636-797-5472 (p) or or 636-797-5083 (f)



Do not report leased vehicles on your assessment list.  The leasing company is responsible for reporting the vehicle on their assessment lists.  If you have questions about your leasing agreement please contact your leasing company to verify responsibility.


Renew License Plates on a Leased Vehicle

You will need one of the following items to present to the Department of Revenue when renewing your license plates on your leased vehicle:

     ●  Certificate of Non-assessment (Waiver) - if you were NOT leasing your vehicle on Jan. 1st of the previous  year


     ●   Personal Property tax receipt in the leasing company's name - if you WERE leasing your vehicle on Jan.  1st  of the previous year (contact the Collector's office for a copy of your bill)