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Est. 1818
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Digital File Requests

The assessor's data files (tax rolls) are available for purchase in August or September of the same year they are certified.  The data dictionaries listed below explain what fields are included in the data for reference. For questions please email:


Property records for viewing online are available using the following left menu links: 


Real and Personal Property Search  (search on properties for property record data and photos)


Property Viewer (interactive search GIS mapping application) 



To purchase data please provide the following information:


     ●   Signed Digital Data User License Agreement and Data Policy


     ●   Type of digital data file option (1 through 5)


     ●   Type of file format


     ●   If applicable your FTP or other file drop location and credentials for deliverable


     ●   Return address if requesting a DVD - add $2.50 for DVD/handling



Make check payable and mail to:


Department of the County Assessor

Attn:  GIS

PO Box 100

Hillsboro MO  63050 


Digital Data File Options 

1.  Full Certified Real Estate File - $750

     a.  content:   ownership data and CAMA (structures) data

     b.  file formats:  txt (comma delimited) or Excel (xlsx)


2.  Full Certified Real Estate Ownership File - $500

     a.  content:  ownership data (NO CAMA)

     b.  file formats:  txt (comma delimited) or Excel (xlsx)


3.  Full Certified Personal Property File - $750

     a.  content:  names, vehicles, and other asset data

     b.  file formats:  txt (comma delimited) or Excel (xlsx)


4.  Full Certified Personal Property Ownership File - $500

     a.  content:  names (NO VEHICLE OR OTHER ASSET DATA)

     b.  file formats:  txt (comma delimited) or Excel (xlsx) 


5.  GIS Property Boundaries and Real Estate File - $1500

     a.  content:  property boundaries in shapefile or file geodatabase format

     b.  content:  ownership data and CAMA (structures) in txt (comma delimited) or Excel (xlsx) format


Data Dictionaries

These dictionaries include field name and description.  The number in parenthesis corresponds to the Digital Data File Options above.


1.  Data Dictionary GIS  - (5)


2.  Data Dictionary Real Estate File - Ownership and CAMA (Structures) -  (1 and 2)


3.  Data Dictionary Personal Property  - (3 and 4)