Roadway Master & County Road Safety Plan

Roadway Master Plan

A Roadway Master Plan is a critical component for managing safe and successful urban and rural growth in a city or county. It is a vital tool for determining the location and type of roadways that are needed to handle projected traffic growth and support additional infrastructure improvements. A Roadway Master Plan also supplements with the County Master Development Plan to assist in providing a smooth development of the County.

2021 Roadway Master Plan (PDF)

County Road Safety Plan

This safety study seeks to provide safety solutions on both a project specific and county-wide level. In the process of analyzing crash data and developing countermeasures for high crash areas, common themes emerged that can be applied on a wider level. This report contains strategies on how to address safety issues commonly seen in Jefferson County, such as roadside fixed objects and changes in horizontal alignment. These strategies could be used to inform future policy and address safety concerns systematically.

2021 County Road Safety Plan (PDF)