Road Updates

Weekly Roadwork Update 4/19 - 4/23

Worker putting final touches on roadway patch

Projects & Vegetation: Vegetation control continuing work on herbicide equipment  calibrations and starting spraying concentrating on signal and pedestrian crossing signs first.  

 Northeast: Crew will be preparing next year’s chip/seal roads (brush, ditching, drainage issues, and road repair).   Area of focus on prep work is on Wolf Hollow Rd., & Moss Hollow.

Completing service request in N.E. district.  Spot patch in N.E. district. 1 mower operating in district.

 Northwest: Asphalt repairs on Tower and Local Hillsboro. Ditching and drainage repairs on Delores. Pothole repairs district wide. Cleaning and sanitizing all trucks, equipment, and shop.

 Southwest: The crew will be finishing pipe installation on Branch road per service request. Moving to Russel road for road bed repair once locates are completed. If weather permits, patching crossings from last week’s work. Safety day on Friday for recent upgrades and countywide documents. Patch truck active also. Continuing with contractor chip seal road list for 2021.

 Special. Assignments.- Concrete repairs on Winter Lake Ct.( Winter Bluff Estates).

 Signs:  Crew will be installing traffic counters, installing/programing message boards as needed, repairing damaged and missing signs throughout the county as needed.

 Southeast: Crews will be working on road repairs, ditching, pipe replacements, spot patching  and chip seal prep. All jobs are weather permitting.

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