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Bob Tullock Bob Tullock, District 7

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Bob Tullock was first elected to represent the residents of District 7 in 2023. Bob first moved to Jefferson County in 1969 in Shady Valley area off of highway 21 and lives just a few miles from there today. 

Bob attended Clyde Hamrick elementary, Ridgewood Junior High, Seckman Junior High, and Fox High school graduating in 1984. Bob and his wife, June, have been married since 1985 with 1 daughter, 1 son-in-law, and 3 grandchildren.

Bob is a Conservative Republican who believes that elected officials are there to serve as your elected representative.

Bob is a retired business owner. He is a licensed pilot with a commercial and instrument rating who flies only for recreation. Bob is dedicated to help improve Jefferson County to preserve the Jefferson Country traditions throughout District 7 during these next 4 years.

Bob is committed to representing and defending the rights of the residents and businesses of District 7 and believes in protecting our traditional values. Bob believes that Growth and Development in Jefferson County is inevitable but also believes that if our Master Plan should truly reflect the needs and desires of the residents and businesses. Bob will do everything in his power to make us all proud to call Jefferson County home.

Most of District 7 is rural in nature and he believes strongly in equal property rights. Bob believes that we should live within our means and believes that the County Council should focus on eliminating wasteful spending. Bob Believes that our local government is there to serve The People of Jefferson County.

There are outside interests that will always be looking to change Jefferson County and for various reasons. This is the most important reason why we elected local County Council members to office.

Bob intends to hold frequent town hall style meetings throughout District 7 as needed and as requested. Never hesitate to call on Bob if you have any questions. He will always be open, honest, and up front with you.

In closing, he simply wishes to make Jefferson County a better place for our children and grandchildren.

God Bless America and Jefferson County   

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