Solid Waste

The largest program in the Solid Waste Division is enforcement of the Jefferson County Solid Waste Management Ordinance. Inspections are conducted to determine if violations of the ordinance exist and remedial action is needed. Most violations are resolved quickly, with less than 1% requiring legal action. Copies of the Solid Waste Ordinance are available in our office. Solid waste complaints may be registered by phone at 636-797-5036.  There are a number of approved residential solid waste haulers and transfer stations that can be contacted to make arrangements for the handling of residential solid waste.

Recycling Environmental Programs

The recycling activities of the County are coordinated through this office. A brochure (PDF) listing all recyclers in the area is maintained by this office. Available environmental programs include:

  • Assistance to residents and companies who wish to build new recycling facilities in Jefferson County
  • Composting programs for individuals, communities, etc.
  • Environmental educational source for environmental issues affecting residents on a county, state and national level
  • Grant sponsored programs for tire collections, etc.
  • Recycling programs for individuals, communities, schools, cities, etc.

Recycling & Composting

Information on recycling and composting is available by contacting this office. Presentations to groups and organizations are available on request.

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