Contractor Licenses

The Code Commission is authorized to grant a license to any contractor, firm or corporation found to be qualified to engage in certain work. 

In order to obtain any license, registration or certification required, a new applicant must submit a completed application for examination form with the required fee to the Code Enforcement Division. Submittal shall include a full-face color photograph. For more information please  refer to the Code of Ordinances of Jefferson County Section 500.200

For additional information or to get a list of licensed contractors, please call the Code Enforcement Division at 636-797-5310 or Email Contractor Licenses

A list of Contractor License applications are found below. 

  1. Download the application, the application is fillable.
  2. Complete the application by typing the information required in all fields.
  3. Click save to save the application.
  4. Email the application and all supporting documentation for review to the email address above.
  5. Type in the Subject line: Contractor License Application.
  6.  You will be contacted once your application is reviewed.