This office handles traffic citations written by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Citations issued by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department are prosecuted through the Jefferson County Municipal Court. Ethically, this office cannot speak to or contact defendants that do not have an attorney representing them when they are not in court. Thus, the following procedures are for attorney’s use only.

Required Items

Much thought has gone into formulating a procedure by which routine traffic matters can be negotiated by mail without the need to appear in court. Your cooperation and strict adherence to this policy will allow us to continue to provide recommendations by mail. Recommendations may be obtained by mailing the following directly to our office: 

  • A letter specifically requesting what you are asking for by way of a recommendation from this office
  • An entry of appearance
  • A copy of your client’s ticket
  • A Department of Revenue driving history
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope

Be sure to forward all of the items listed or the request will be returned without a recommendation.


Suspended imposition of sentence recommendations will be considered only for true first time offenders. If this office discovers that you have requested a suspended imposition of sentence, and your client has previously avoided the imposition of points by way of attorney representation or otherwise, then no "plea bargain" will be offered. Amendment of tickets will be considered on a case by case basis. Avoidance of points may be accomplished only by an increase in the fine imposed by the court.

After your client signs the recommendation form, please return the form with a check or money order to the:
Circuit Clerk’s Office
Traffic Division
P.O. Box 100
Hillsboro, MO 63050

If you have any questions regarding the court cost or court dates, please call 636-797-5303.

Speeding / Traffic Offenses

Any speeding offenses will be considered for reduction to non-point speeding and all other charges will be considered for an amendment to non-moving offenses. Any traffic violation case that involves an accident is always required to make a court appearance and will not receive a recommendation by mail. The court mandates this accident policy.

First time Driving While Intoxicated and/or Driving While Revoked or Suspended offenses can receive a recommendation by mail following the referenced procedures, but must appear in court to plead guilty. Any repeat Driving While Intoxicated and/or Driving While Revoked or Suspended offenders cannot receive a recommendation by mail and must appear on all court dates.