Child Support Unit

The Child Support Unit consists of one Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and six support staff.


The Child Support Enforcement program in the State of Missouri is administered by the Department of Social Services, Family Support Division (FSD). Missouri has enacted laws that allow FSD to collect child support through wage withholdings, garnishments, unemployment and tax intercepts and liens without filing a collection action in court.


Child Support services through FSD are available without cost to all Missouri residents and are provided automatically to custodial parents who receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families payments for dependent children through the Division of Family Services. The Division of Child Supportment Enforcement Office serving Jefferson County is located at:
4626 Yeager Road
Hillsboro, Missouri 63050

The telephone number is 636-797-9840.


There are some actions that cannot be handled administratively by FSD. In those situations, FSD will make referral to the appropriate Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Jefferson County only works cases referred by FSD. The office does not initiate cases on its own. The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will file the appropriate pleadings and process the case through the court system.

Child Support Payments

The most recent and wide sweeping change in Missouri’s Child Support Program is centralized payment processing. Prior to October 1, 1999, child support payments were processed in the county where the order was entered. Beginning October 1999, the majority of child support payments paid in Missouri are processed through the Family Support Payment Center located in Jefferson City, Missouri. For information or to ask questions, custodial parents, non-custodial parents and employers can call 800-558-8224. To check payments collected and disbursed, call 800-225-0530.