Assessment Calendar


January 1

The property valuation date for all personal and real property.

March 1

Personal property assessment List due to Assessor’s Office – penalties apply if late.

June 30

Real estate and personal property tax rolls are captured and turned over to the County Clerk.

July (Second Monday)

Valuation appeals file by date to be heard before the Board of Equalization (BOE).

September 30

30 days after the date of the BOEs decision letter, whichever is later is the deadline to complete the State Tax Commission (STC) appeal forms if you are not satisfied with the BOEs decision.

October 1

Tax rates must be set and certified to the County Clerk for all taxing entities.

November through December

Tax bills are prepared and sent to taxpayers by the County Collector.

December 31

Taxpayers have until this date to pay current taxes; after which they become delinquent and penalties are applied.