Jefferson County Seal
Jefferson County,
Est. 1818
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information


Health Dept Information


Public Face Covering Media Statement 




County Executive Message





Executive Orders

                  Executive Order 20-030 State of Emergency
                  Executive Order 20-030.1 Amended State of Emergency
                  Executive Order 20-030.2 Regarding Restaurants and Bars
                  Executive Order 20-030.3 Joint Stay at Home Order and FAQ
                  Executive Order 20-030.4 Modifying Sections (a), (u) and (x) of Joint Stay at Home Order
                  Executive Order 20-030.5 Modifying and Clarifying Sections (a) and (x)
                  Executive Order 20-030.6 Extension of Executive Order 20-030.2

                  Executive Order 20-030.5 AMENDED April 20, 2020  

               Executive Order 20-030.7 Joint Reopen Order 

                  Executive Order 20-030.8 Joint Executive Order to Lift COVID-19 Restrictions to Coincide with State