Jefferson County Seal
Jefferson County,
Est. 1818
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Boards and Commissions

Sewer Districts

Jefferson County Public Sewer District


Thomas Ward - Term Expires 01/01/2021

Wade Amsden - Term Expires 01/01/2022

Peter Birkes - Term Expires 10/21/2024

E. Clyde Pratt - Term Expires 01/01/2021

David Courtway - Term Expires 06/07/2020


Northeast Public Sewer District


Steven Nahlik - Term Expires 03/18/2024

Arthur Hoffmann - Term Expires 03/18/2024

Gerald Kettler - Term Expires 03/18/2024

James Huber - Term Expires 03/18/2021

Robert Conley - Term Expires 03/18/2021


Rock Creek Public Sewer District


Alfred Barbagallo - Term Expires 09/27/2020

Timothy Hollerbach - Term Expires 09/27/2020

Eric Knoll - Term Expires 09/27/2017

Roger Vail - Term Expires 09/27/2023

Tim Bennett - Term Expires 09/27/2019