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Scenic Byway/Corridor Management Plan for Hwy 21 and Hwy M

Jefferson County contains rolling hills and valleys with an abundance of broadleaf trees and open space, creating beautiful views for those traveling on our highways. The County provides beautiful spring blossoms, full summertime foliage and an explosion of color during the fall. Along with the trees and views, Jefferson County has many local, state, and national historical sites throughout the county. Two such areas are the Highway 21 and Highway M corridors. A drive along these two corridors provides stunning valley views and vistas. The Jefferson County Planning Division is currently working on a proposal to preserve some of this beautiful scenery for generations to come.


In June 2006, the Planning Division received notice that the "Jefferson County Scenic Byway" project will receive funding in the 2007 Fiscal Year for preparation of a Corridor Management Plan (CMP). The County will receive up to $88,000 in federal funds with up to $22,000 being matched with local in-kind resources.  A copy of the draft CMP can be found here.


If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact Kristi Bales at (636.797.6455) or kbales@jeffcomo.org.