Jefferson County Seal
Jefferson County,
Est. 1818
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Sample Ballot For Jefferson County, Missouri



"View My Sample Ballot" 

(this link will show if you are registered to vote at the address you have provided)



 (Tip:  You may use your election notice as a guide on how information is to be entered.)



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          * Please read the following instructions before proceeding.*


You MUST enter your information exactly as requested by this site.


(Tip:  You may use your election notice as a guide on how information is to be entered.)


For example:  


DO enter your legal first name (Bob=Robert, etc..),

DO enter your last name.

DO enter ONLY the name of your street,

DO NOT include north, south, east, or west.

DO NOT include Blvd, St, Lane, Rd, Trail, Ridge, Crossing, Pkwy, etc.

                at the end of your street name.

DO enter your birth date using 'slashes' not 'hyphens',

            (for example 08/16/1946 NOT 8-16-46). 


FYI- the link above will send you to the Secretary of State's master voter registration list.

Please contact us directly if you are not able to access the data base.


If you are interested in a generic list of all candidates who will appear on the

Jefferson County, Missouri State Primary Ballot click on the link below:


"View All Candidates"


 If you are having trouble with either link, please contact us at:




Wes Wagner

Jefferson County Clerk



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