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Personal Property

Who must declare personal property?

RSMo. 137.075 Every person owning or holding real property or tangible personal property on the first day of January, including all such property purchased on that day shall be liable for taxes thereon during the same calendar year. RSMo. 137.340 Every person, corporation, partnership or association owning or controlling tangible personal property shall file with the assessor of the county an itemized return listing all the tangible personal property so owned or controlled on January 1st. Personal property must be reported in the county where you resided on January 1st.

How can I declare personal property?

If you have resided and reported personal property last year in Jefferson County you will be mailed a personal property assessment list during the first week of January. You must fill out and return the form by March 1st.


What if I have not received a personal property assessment list in the mail?

Contact the Department of County Assessor and a form will be mailed to you or you can come into our office and a form will be provided for you.

When should personal property assessment lists be filed?

RSMo. 137.340 The returns (assessment list) shall be delivered to the office of the assessor of the county between the first day of January and the first day of March of each year and shall be signed and certified by the taxpayer as being a true and complete list or statement of all taxable personal property and the estimated true value thereof.

Will I be penalized for not returning a personal property assessment list?

RSMo. 137.280 If any person shall fail to deliver the required list to the assessor by the 1st day of March, the owner of the property which ought to have been listed shall be assessed a penalty added to the tax bill, based on the assessed value of the property that was not reported, as follows:


    Assessed Valuation          Penalty

               0-$1,000                  $10.00

        $1,001-$2,000                 $20.00

        $2,001-$3,000                 $30.00

        $3,001-$4,000                 $40.00

        $4,001-$5,000                 $50.00

        $5,001-$6,000                 $60.00

        $6,001-$7,000                 $70.00

        $7,001-$8,000                 $80.00

        $8,001-$9,000                 $90.00

        $9,001 and above            $100.00

What if I did not receive my personal property tax bill from Jefferson County?

If you were a resident of Jefferson County on January 1st, and did not receive a tax bill, please contact the Department of County Collector at 636-797-5406.

How can I contact your office?

Give us a call at 636-797-5343 or 1-800-748-3456. Our fax number is 636-797-5083. Our email address is We are open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.