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Est. 1818
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Recreation Programs

You have the opportunity to participate in many programs and special events developed and implemented to address your leisure and recreation needs. As a community resource, we strive to provide you a service that you value. Our function is to provide you with the best service possible while maintaining a positive fiscal position. So, let us know what you want and, if it is possible, we will address your needs. We hope you enjoy your parks and recreation programs.


All programs are developed and implemented for your benefit. Please take a few minutes and review the program offerings available to you. If you have a question about any of the offerings, or if you have a suggestion, feel free to contact the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Department at 636-797-5334 or fax us at 636-797-5084 or e-mail us at Remember we are here to serve you!


Program Funding
The revenues generated by the classes and special events sponsored by the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Department are very important. As we strive to maintain a positive fiscal position, it is necessary that the program offerings pay their own way. Therefore, we utilize the fees generated to pay the bills associated with the events. Expansion of the program offerings is possible only if there is sufficient demand to support the activity. If you have an idea or desire a new service not provided at this time, contact the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Department at 636-797-5334 or e-mail at and let us know what you need. Your input is the key to providing new services.