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Welcome to Parks and Recreation 


Jefferson County Parks Department Logo The function of this Department is to provide the citizens of Jefferson County with an increased quality of life through increased recreational opportunities. This must be accomplished by utilizing the resources (money and natural resources) available to the Department in a manner that is fiscally responsible. In short, the opportunities this Department provides must be affordable without over extending the Department's budget. Because of funding restrictions, we are not able to respond to all of the programs wanted by the public, but we do respond to those that we are able to address in a manner that provides the greatest opportunities for our residents.


Our Park Office is locate at 725 Maple Street, Room 202, Hillsboro MO 63050.  We are located in the Maple Street Annex Building.  


Click here for a map of our office location! 

Park Commission

This Department has a volunteer Park Commission which provides the guidance for the actions of the Department. This Commission consists of seven individuals appointed by the Jefferson County Commission. Each member serves for a specified term. The members of the Jefferson County Parks Commission (with their term expiration in parentheses) are:



Mr. Tom Johnson


   Bill May                  

   (October 31, 2018)






Vacant                     (October 31, 2021)








Vacant                    (October 31, 2020)




Ms. Linda Schroeder
   Ms. Linda Schroeder
   (October 31, 2020)
Mr. Michael Arnhart
   Mr. Michael Arnhart
   (October 31, 2019)
Mr. Anthony Dwayne Ruble
   Mr. Anthony Dwayne Ruble
   (October 31, 2019)




Vacant                (October 31, 2017)







In addition, there is a group of private citizens who formed the Jefferson County Parks Foundation. This not-for-profit group applies its resources to the recreational needs the Park Department is not able to address. Currently, the actions of the Foundation focuses on junior golf programs. Future actions include expanding youth soccer opportunities.