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The parking lot paving is done, and the park is open to the public. ENJOY!

6/1/2016Rockford Beach Park CLOSED for dam repair!
Rockford Beach Park is now CLOSED for dam repair, beginning June 1, and lasting for the next several weeks. We will announce when it is open again!

6/20/2016Jr. Golf Tournament #1 - Results!
Held at Sugar Creek Golf Course, High Ridge on June 20, 2016!

6/22/2016Jr. Golf Tournament #2 Results!
Held at Union Hills Golf Course in Pevely on June 22, 2016!

7/5/2016Group Cycling Classes - July 2016
Held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Saturday mornings, in July at the High Ridge Civic Center!

7/5/2016Martial Arts in High Ridge - July 2016
Learn the ancient discipline of Jujitsu and get a great workout!

7/6/2016Senior Circuit - July 2016
Great low impact aerobics class that is designed to increase balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength!

7/6/2016Zumba Classes in High Ridge!
Ditch the workout, and join the party!

7/7/2016Total Body Conditioning (TBC) - July 2016
Mix up your routine with this total body workout that targets strength, cardio, balance and flexibility. Held at the High Ridge Civic Center!

7/16/2016Take 5 For Fitness Run 2016 - CANCELED!
Due to a lack of enrollment, the Take 5 for Fitness Run, scheduled for July 16, has been canceled! Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you! Refunds will be going out to anyone who has signed up. Thank you!

9/10/2016Youth Instructional Fall Soccer Program 2016
Learn the game of soccer and have fun at the Festus Elks or the Northwest Jefferson County Sports Complex!

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