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Jefferson County,
Est. 1818
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Where do I file for office?


All prospective candidates for political office must officially 'file'.  It's an easy process that

requires an individual to prove residency within the political subdivision, meet all state

statutory requirements and fill out the necessary forms.


All candidates for the Legislature and those candidates interested in running for

Circuit Judge shall file their intent with the Secretary of State's Office in

Jefferson City, Missouri.


Note:  Assoc. Circuit Judge candidates file with the Clerk's office in Hillsboro.


Candidates for county offices shall file their intent with the County Clerk's office. 

The filing fee is $50 made payable to the political party the individual wishes to



This list includes:


County Council

County Executive



Circuit Clerk



Prosecuting Attorney


Recorder of Deeds

County Clerk

Associate Circuit Judge

Public Administrator

Health Board (No Fee)

Ambulance Districts (exception Meramec) (No Fee)

Special Road Districts (No Fee)

Jefferson County 911 Dispatch Board  (No Fee)

Committeeman/Committeewoman of Township  (No Fee) 


Prospective candidates for the following offices should file accordingly:

All positions are considered to be "non-partisan". 


Mayor/City Council  ---file with city clerk (chapter 78 RSMO)

School Board    ---file with sec of board at school administrative offices (Chapter 162 RSMO)

Fire Board         ---file at fire district headquarters (Chapter 321 RSMO) $10 dollars

Water Board      ---file with secretary of board  (Chapter 247 RSMO)

Jefferson College  ---file with secretary of board  (Chapter 178 RSMO)

Sewer District     --file with secretary of board  (Chapter 249 RSMO)

Towns/Villages    --file with town clerk  (Chapter 80 RSMO)