Jefferson County Seal
Jefferson County,
Est. 1818
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The County Clerk serves as the Election Authority overseeing the election

process for the County and all its political subdivisions. The conduct of

elections requires many vital functions, among them are:


     * Accepting the filings of candidates for County offices and some political subdivisions.

     * Compiling the certifications of candidates from political subdivisions.

     * Publishing the legal notice of election and computing election costs.

     * Finding, appointing and training of all election judges.

     * Locating polling locations throughout the County.

     * Establishing precinct boundaries.

     * Appointing deputy registrars to accept voter registration forms.

     * Processing all voter registration forms.

     * Maintain a computerized voter registration data base including but not limited to

         cancellations, change of address, registrations, deceased and those convicted of felonies.

     * Maintaining all campaign and personal finance reports.   


 Jefferson County History


Quick Facts About Voting and Elections in Jefferson County:


142,180- The number of registered voters in Jefferson County.

55,094(39%)- The number of votes cast in the General Election of November 2014.

Lowest turnouts in Jefferson County History:  2014-39%, 1978-40%, 1990-41%

12- The number of townships in Jefferson County.   

56- The number of designated polling locations in the County (including the Clerk's office).

900- The number of election judges needed to staff the polling locations in a General Election.

7- The number of County Councilmen that serve Jefferson County in Hillsboro.

7- The number of Missouri State Representatives that serve Jefferson County in Jefferson City.

2- The number of Missouri State Senators that serve Jefferson County in Jefferson City.

3- The number of US Representatives that serve Jefferson County in Washington DC.

2- The number of US Senators that serve Jefferson County in Washington DC.