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Est. 1818
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E-File Personal Property


What is E-File?      

File your personal property assessment list online.


Who can E-File?
You have NO CHANGES (any name, address, additional items, removal of items is considered a change and you are NOT eligible to e-file).


What do You Need to E-File?
The E-Filing PIN number and your account number located on your personal property assessment list. E-File is due by March 1st.


If I Can't E-File?
Return your original hardcopy personal property assessment list by mail or in person to the Department of the County Assessor by March 1st.



Any assessment list not returned by the March 1st deadline may be subject to a mandatory penalty. Missouri Revised Statute Section  137.115 requires all county residents and businesses to declare all taxable Personal and Business Personal Property to the Assessor that was owned or under their control as of January 1, 2016,including, motor vehicles, boats, trailers, livestock, farm machinery and business-related equipment. The assessment lists must be filled out and returned to the Assessor no later than March 1 to avoid late penalties. The penalties range from a minimum of $10 to a maximum of $100. Late filing penalties are mandated by state statute (Missouri Revised Statutes Section137.345). The statutes provide county assessors very little discretion to waive penalties. Assessment lists postmarked March 1 will be accepted without penalty.